If you're looking for a free and simple solution to record or stream your podcast, RØDE Connect might be the perfect fit—if you own an NT-USB Mini microphone. The software has been designed to work exclusively with the NT-USB Mini, to offer a straightforward approach to podcasting.

The interface, which was inspired by RØDECaster Pro, gives you the ability to connect up to four NT-USB Minis to a single computer for podcasting or use with video conferencing platforms or streaming applications. The interface has one-click recording, level metering, faders, mute buttons, output control, and dedicated output controls for OBS and Xsplit. Plus, export options for uploading to popular podcast platforms. 

Rodeconnect_2Credit: RØDE

Opening the software, it has the feel of RØDECaster Pro but in software form. It's very simple to use and friendlier, but less robust than something like Audacity in terms of third-party plugin support. That said, there is access to a noise gate, compressor, APHEX Aural Exciter, and Big Bottom effects. Additionally, every channel has an automatic mix-minus for echo-free audio. 

There are also two "virtual" channels named Virtual and System that allow you to connect remote callers via Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts and for adding music beds, stings, or other sound effects from external sources. 

We did try connecting the RØDE NT-USB and other USB mics to the interface, but it did not work. Not exactly sure why RØDE approached the software this way, but it's possible it may open up to other microphones in the future. Let's hope they do. 

Colors_ntgminiCredit: RØDE

With the launch of RØDE Connect, the company has released three new accessories for the NT-USB Mini: COLORS, a $19 kit of color-coded caps for the NT-USB Mini. They work in a similar fashion to the XLR color-coded rings RØDE offers for $10. Also you can buy the $19 SC17 (USB-C to USB-C) and $15 SC18 (USB-C to USB-A) cables to connect the microphone to any computer.

You can download RØDE Connect for Windows or Mac for free here