RØDE has introduced some cool new audio solutions for vloggers looking to improve the quality of their videos. The Vlogger Kit comes complete with a VideoMic, tripod, phone grip, LED, and accessories that can be easily paired with your smartphone or even a mirrorless camera. 

Whether you have an Android or Apple device, RØDE has you covered. The Vlogger Kit is available in three different options including one for iPhones, which includes a VideoMic Me-L with a lightning connector, or a VideoMic Me-C with a USB-C connector for Android. RØDE also has a universal option that includes the VideoMicro with a 3.5mm connector, which can be used with smartphones or even mirrorless cameras/DSLRs too. 

Vloggerkits_1Vlogger Kits are available in iOS, Universal, and USB-C options

The kits include RØDE's Tripod 2, a three-position tripod with a gimbal head that allows you to position your smartphone horizontally or vertically. It's made to be sturdy enough to withstand heavier smartphones like the iPhone 12 Pro Max and lighter mirrorless cameras like the Sony ZV-1. 

The SmartGrip allows you to easily attach your phone to the tripod and is made from a lightweight all-metal design with rubberized grips to keep your device secure and stable while you film. If you need some fill light, the included MicroLED fastens directly on top of the SmartGrip. The small fixture runs off an internal battery, and RØDE says users can expect over four hours of operation on a single charge. There's also a clip-on diffuser that offers eight color filters, which allows you to change the color temperature of the MicroLED or add warmth to skin tones. 

Each kit is designed to improve the quality of your videos, and more importantly, the sound. If your audience can't hear you, what's the point? That's why RØDE has also included a windscreen with each kit to remove unwanted breathing sounds or wind gusts that cut across the microphone.


Both the VideoMic ME versions and VideoMicro have directional cardioid patterns, meaning they're good at rejecting background noise. Interestingly, RØDE included the VideoMicro with the Universal Kit instead of the VideoMic ME, which has a standard 3.5mm connector built in. For us, that's a good move because the VideoMicro is more versatile, as you can simply swap out the cable with TRS, TRRS, or RØDE SC7 if you're using a smartphone, tablet, or mirrorless camera.

The one drawback to the VideoMicro is that it doesn't have a 3.5mm output to monitor the sound through headphones like the VideoMic ME versions do. 

The Vlogger Kits fit nicely alongside RØDE's Filmmakers Kit, Newsshooter Kit, and Performer Kit, which provide wireless solutions to accommodate different workflows. 

The Vlogger Kits are available for pre-order now: Vlogger Kit for iOS Devices, Vlogger Kit with 3.5mm compatibility.

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