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The Titan X2 is the most powerful 2x1 fixture from Rotolight and in the first piece about this special offer we highlighted its efficiency, functionality, and sturdiness. We also mentioned that it won an award for innovating in the field. NBD. 

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So what else can we tell you about this beast? 

In this piece we're going to highlight it's rugged yet easy to transport design, dig deep into the details on your color and white balance options, plus provide specific instructions on how to create presets and get the desired cinematic look using the intuitive LCD touchscreen. Customize your colors, white balance, filters, HSU, effects, and more. It won't seem daunting, or expensive, once you've read this piece and signed up for the group buy. 

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The Titan X2 redefines the standard for cinematic lighting. A ground-breaking LED soft light, it utilizes state of the art RGBWW technology to deliver unparalleled light output and outstanding color accuracy for gorgeous skin tones. 

As a bright 2x1 soft light, Titan X2 provides enough power to adapt to any lighting situation and performs excellently across the entire CCT spectrum from 3000K - 10,000K. Meticulous in its color rendition, the fixture excels in both CRI and TLCI performance, saving time in post-production. With a full-color touchscreen display, and a suite of features that expand the creative possibilities of lighting professionals, it's ready at a moment's notice. 


The Titan X2 has a sleek design that sets it apart from the competition. It integrates top and bottom handles for easy transport, and the design allows the fixture to be placed on the floor without it falling over.

The build quality of the Titan X2 is exceptional. It's robust enough to withstand everyday use and reliable enough to work in the harsh conditions of production. The back panel features an open grate with two large fans to keep the fixture cool. When the light is operated normally, they are extremely quiet. Rotolight has included Thermal Management settings in the menu that allows you to choose from Auto, Stealth, DMX, and Max.  

Every detail was considered down to the control knobs found on the back panel making it one of the most well thought out light panels on the market. 

Titanx2_interfaceTitan X2 back panel


The back panel features an intuitive touchscreen interface that combines navigation controls and dual-function rotary knobs with switches. Five master menu buttons are available to directly access features including System settings, DMX, CineSFX, Flash, and a Home button.

The home menu comprises all of the color editing functions including CCT, RGBW, HSI, XY, and finally the Filter page, which includes over 1,400 electronic versions of nearly all the color lighting gels and sampled light source matching. Depending on the color mode that's activated, the control knobs can adjust different settings – a top and bottom control setting. To adjust the top settings that include brightness and diffusion, press in and turn. The bottom settings can be adjusted by a simple turn. 

The SYS (System) menu contains all the customizable key system settings and read only information including temperature settings, color space, brightness, and more, like adding a camera LUT. The menu option also allows you to update the firmware via USB. 

The SFX (Cinematic Special Effects or CineSFX) menu contains over 20 customizable special lighting effects , where you can tune in the exact settings for your production. The effects allow you to combine it with any of color editing options (CCT, RGBW, HSI, XY) to create your own custom lighting effect. 

The Flash menu allows you to use the Titan X2 as a High Speed Sync flash unit. Featureing a built-in Skyport 2.4Ghz HSS receiver capable of syncing up to 1/8000th of a second, it has color tuneable flash and modeling light capable of running at any repeated frame rate with zero recycle time. The feature also has an Exposure Effects section for adjustable multi-exposure effects, where you can control delay, reptitions, and the delay between flash. 

The DMX menu allows you to set the base DMX channel, the channel mode, and control the built-in Luemenradio TimoTwo wDMX chip. You can also set the parameters for the RDM. 

Each master menu has 10 dedicated radio presets where you can store edited settings. All you need to do is tap the preset button to recall, hold the button to store, or double tap to open the dialog page where you can name the preset, save it or load it from a USB drive. 


Color Modes

The Titan X2 has five outstanding color modes to choose from. CCT, RGBW, HSI, XY, and Filter. 


CCT allows you to set the white balance. Using the left knob, you can change the brightness. Using the center knob or the touchscreen, you can adjust the color temperature from 3,000 to 10,000K. In CCT mode, you can also adjust the green magenta balance. You will notice a grey triangle on the screen, this indicates a second function to the knob. When you press and turn it, it will activate the green magenta balance. It can also be adjusted through the touchscreen. The right-hand knob controls the SmartSoft electronic diffusion. 

SmartSoft technology allows you to electronically adjust the diffusion, focus, and spread without the need of gels. It means, you no longer need to swap out gels, and instead, you can dial-in the amount of fusion with a touch of a button locally, through DMX, or wirelessly. The diffusion varies electronically from 0 to 100% making fine-tune adjustments simple and easy. 



RGBW allows you to create a custom color or edit a filter or source match a sample. When activated, us the left knob to set the amount of red. The center knob controls the amount of green, and the right knob controls the amount of blue. If you press and turn the left knob, it adjusts the overall brightness of the fixture. When you press and turn the center knob, it adjusts the amount of whites that you are adding to the custom color. Doing so will have the effect of desaturating the color. By pressing and turning the right knob, you can control the diffusion. 

Any custom setting can be stored directly into any of the 10 Home menus radio preset buttons by holding down the preset button. To switch from presets 1-5 to 6-10, simply preset the Preset A/B button. 



HSI, known as Hue, Saturation, Intensity, allows you to create a custom color using the left knob (hue) or directly from the touchscreen display. The colors are represented as degrees from 0-360, and you can mix from red at 0 degrees to green at 120 degrees through blue at 240 degrees back to red at 360/0. In this mode, you're only mixing two of the RGB colors. The center knob adjusts saturation, while the right knob adjusts the intensity. Pressing in and turning the right knob allows you to adjust the SmartSoft diffusion settings. The mode has a preview display of the selected color that sits blow the HSI color bar. 



In XY mode, a CIE curve is available to create a custom color either using the knobs or the touchscreen. You can use the left knob to enter an X color coordinate or the center knob to enter a Y color coordinate. The right knob allows you to adjust the intensity of the fixture, and like HSI mode, pressing in and turning the right knob to adjust the electronic diffusion. 

While in XY, the SYS menu lets you adjust the color space. You can choose from Full Gamut, Rec.2020, or Rec.709. Doing so will impose a bounding triangle in the XY display to prevent you from selecting a color that the camera cannot record or playback. This is essentially handy for broadcast television. 



Under this mode, you can browse through a huge library of different gels filters from Lee, Rosco, Apollo, and GamColor. In addition, there is a second library of sample lighting sources matches. The color filters are arranged in color groups which can be selected through the touchscreen or by using the left knob. 

To browse the gels, rotate the center knob and it will scroll through the gels in that selected color group. Sometimes there can be up to 300 in a group. The right knob controls the intensity, and if you press in and turn the knob, it adjusts the diffusion. 

On the right side of the color group bar, there's a black segment marked "S" for source matching. This library contains over 50 different sampled light sources including tungsten, candle, HMI, sodium vapor, and others. Scrolling through them can be done using the center knob. You can edit any filter or source match by switching to RGBW and using the control to adjust the source. 

There is also a handy preview window that displays the color as well as a text display of the filter number and filter name. If the filter number being with the letter "L" is is a sample from Lee. "R" for Rosco, "A" for Apollo, and "G" for GamColor. By tapping the filter preview window, a pop up will appear with a description of the filter. 



Titan X2 has a power draw of 420 (nominal) and best-in-class energy efficiency no matter where you're shooting. Rotolight has implemented a unique power supply that can be attached to the Titan X2 or separated, allowing you to either leave it on the fixture or place it on the ground for a lighter footprint. A mounting plate can be used to attach the power supply to the a light stand when necessary. The lamp is powered by 24 V DC or via a battery mode that runs off 26 V DC. 


The Titan X2 can be attached to a standard yoke, used a swan neck mount, or with pole operated yoke. The Group Buy version offers a discount on the standard yoke version, which is easily adjustable with a large side knob. The yoke can spin 360° and easily attaches to a C-stand. 


If you have any questions about the Group Buy or the fixture, let us know in the comments below or get in touch with us via email.