DISCLOSURE: This Group Buy is sponsored by Adorama.

The Titan X2 marks a new wave of LED lighting for the UK-based company Rotolight, who's known for its range of affordable ring lights. The Titan X2 is a 2x1 LED panel with RGBWW technology offering over 16.7 million colors. It has five different lighting modes, a library of 1,300 industry standard gels, over a dozen programmable effects, an intuitive electronic diffusion feature, and DMX control, among other filmmaker-friendly specs. 

It was named Best Lighting Innovation of 2019 by Pro Moviemaker. The award is the result of a public vote as part of the Gear of the Year Awards, Pro Moviemaker Editor-In-Chief Adam Duckworth said of the light: “a well-built piece of high-tech kit with features that none of its rivals offer at any price.”

It was officially released last September and cinematographers, shooters, and rental houses have been clamoring to get their hands on it. No Film School has partnered with Adorama for an exclusive deal on the popular fixture. 

If you're familiar with previous No Film School Group Buys, the Titan X2 offer works the same. The more people who sign up to purchase the fixture, the deeper the discount. The discount starts once 10 units are purchased and the savings increase from there. After 25 units, everyone saves $1,174 off Adorama's base price. Essentially, for every three fixtures purchased, you get a fourth one free. Let's take a deeper dive into what the Titan X2 has to offer. 

Bright yet Efficient

The LED panel includes some excellent ground-breaking technology from Rotolight. The fixture is RGBWW, which means it has five different light emitters: red, green, blue, warm white, and cold white, allowing it provides a wider range of colors than the standard Rec.709 color spectrum. It provides enough power to adapt to any lighting situation and performs well across the entire CCT spectrum from 3000K - 10,000K with a CRI of >95 and a TLCI of 98.

Rotolight titan x2

Well-Thought Functionality 

The Titan X2 has a large LCD touchscreen panel on the back to access any settings. The user interface is intuitive, fast, and responsive, and features are easily accessible with a simple touch of a button thanks to quick start icons and 10 customizable presets. When in Filter mode, the full-color display provides an on-screen preview of each filter for easy color selection. When working in CCT, plus/minus magenta can be adjusted by using either the rotating knob or the touchscreen. In fact, the touchscreen can be used to control most of the output settings from color to brightness. 

The fixture can be controlled in other ways as well including Bluetooth via app control, wired and wireless DMX, through an Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver, and an RJ45 input connector.



The standout feature on the Titan X2 is its electronics diffusion. Rotolight has created SmartSoft technology that allows you to electronically adjust the diffusion, focus, and spread without the need of gels. This means, you no longer need to swap out gels, and instead, you can simply dial-in the amount of fusion with a touch of a button locally, through DMX, or wirelessly. The light is able to softly wrap around subjects exceptionally well while avoiding sharp shadows. Better yet, the diffusion varies electronically from 0 to 100% making fine-tune adjustments that much easier.


The Titan X2 features an award-winning suite of built-in effects including, Fire, Lighting, TV, Gunshot, Neon, Film, Spark, Weld, Paparazzi, and Chase to add drama to scenes at a moment's notice. The effects can be customized, saved, and instantly recalled reducing time on set. Each effect was designed in conjunction with visual effects veteran Stefan Lange, whose work includes Batman, Skyfall, and Tomb Raider.

Flash Sync

When you need it, the Titan X2 offers High-Speed Sync flash (1/8000th) with a powerful output and zero recycle time. The flash function can be wirelessly triggered at up to 656ft (200m) with the optional Rotolight HSS transmitter and integrated Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver.


Built to Last

The Titan X2 chassis is built like a tank as its chassis is supported by a metal construction. The LED has a variety of mounting options, including a Swan Neck or pole operated yoke, but with this exclusive deal, the Titan X2 will come with a standard yoke that's ideal for hanging it on a grid or on a stand. When using the standard yoke, you can also mount the ballast on the back of the unit, or clamp it to a stand. The fixture also has four secure aluminum handles for easy transport and quick setup when on location.

Who is it for?

The Titan X2 is for anyone looking to step up their lighting game. The fixture was made to compete with the ARRI Skypanel, Lightpanel's Gemini, and Kinoflo's 450Q by offering a higher brightness that's more efficient while consuming less power on set. The Titan X2 does that and more.


If you have any questions about the Group Buy or the fixture, let us know in the comments below or get in touch with us via email.