Somehow it seems like the world of AI moves both fast and slow at the same time. I mean, Runway ML, one of the leading AI tools on the market, only launched a few years ago. And it only got its Gen-2 update and its other director features both a few months ago.

Yet, this latest update sure feels like AI is picking up speed. Runway’s new Motion Brush feature promises to be another powerful tool which creators can use to add motion to their AI-produced images and video. And not just any motion, but very precise and controlled motion which can be added to a specific area.

Let’s take a look at Runway’s Motion Brush and explore how you can use it for your AI images and videos, as well as look at some of the other new features and updates coming to Runway.

Introducing Motion Brush

Just announced by Runway, this new Motion Brush tool looks to be one of the company’s most powerful and most promising new developments in a short while now. Designed as a tool to help their generative models be more useful and expressive tools for artists, this new feature should give access to new kinds of interfaces and interactions.

The Motion Brush tool works by allowing users to add controlled movement to their video generations. Like, it literally works by allowing users to “paint” an area or subject, then choose a direction and add an intensity, then Runway will add motion to that area and to that degree.

You can see this new AI-powered feature at work in these sample videos below.

Gen-2 Style Presets

On top of this new Motion Brush tool, Runway has also announced that they’re introducing new Gen-2 style presets. These style presets will allow for users to generate content using these curated styles, and without the need for more complicated prompting.

These style presets can be combined with the Motion Brush tool to further bring your generations to life, and will come with new presets including glossy animations, grain retro film stock and tons more.

Director Mode and Other Updates

This latest Runway update goes a step further too and adds even more advanced camera controls to its popular Director Mode tool. These new moves will allow users even greater control and more precise movement with fractional numbers.

Overall too, Runway is promising that its app will see improved fidelity, greater consistency and higher resolution generations across the board for text-to-image, image-to-image and image variation. All of which are combinable with Runway’s image-to-video workflow now.

If you’d like to check out Runway and explore its different AI tools, you get started on their site here.