Uncut Gems is one of my favorite movies of the year. It unlocked an incredible Adam Sandler performance and certified the Safdie Brothers as cinematic talent that deliver must-see experiences. 

While we may have to wait for their next feature, they brought Sandler back for an epic short film shot on the streets of New York City. 

The logline is, "Rod Goldman and Al Silverman are street performers who work the tourist scene of Times Square. Goldman gets no respect and Silverman is the first one to make sure of that."

Check it out below!

Much like Soderbergh did with the actors on The Laundromat, the Safdies used time with Sandler to film a short that takes street performers on with added meta context. It makes you ask the question: if you have actors, friends, and some time, why are you not making things? 

Digital cameras have allowed us to point and shoot, so this kind of spontaneous filmmaking is really inspiring. 

What did you enjoy most inside this short film? 

For me, it's how the Safdies know how to use Sandler. His over the top antics and noises are turned to 11 here, but they make sense in the context of the story. 

If you're a director and you know what an actor is good at, let them lean ion. You can craft stories that for them perfectly and showcase your talents. 

Who is an actor you're dying to work with? What side of them do you want to see go public? 

Let us know in the comments! 

Credits for the short film 

Directed By: Josh and Benny Safdie

Starring: Adam Sandler and Benny Safdie

Camera: Josh Safdie and John Paul Lopez

Additional Camera: Sebastian Bear-McClard, N'namdi Anderson

Music by: Forget

Produced by: Sebastian Bear-McClard, Eli Bush, Scott Rudin

Production Sound: Ronald Bronstein

Costumes: Miyako Bellizzi

Makeup: Ann Pala Williams

Production Assistant: Becky Novak

Color: Damien Van Der Cruyssen at The Mill

Re-recording Mixer: Skip Lievsay

Sound effects and Sound Editing: Warren Shaw

SFX mixer: Paul Urmson

Special Thank You: A24

Thank you: Jonathan Loughran, Cindy Guagenti

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