I think great things can be done with simple tools and a creative mind. That is why smartphone filmmaking is a skill that I find fascinating to watch, and I see more and more filmmakers turn toward their everyday devices to capture beautiful stories with the smartphone’s high-quality cameras. 

As smartphone filmmaking gains more traction, Sandmarc wants to help by introducing a filter for the smartphone camera. Its newest filter, the Cloud Diffusion filter, is an essential tool that romanticizes the photos and footage you capture by creating a soft and glowing effect. Think of Black Pro-Mist or Moment's CineBloom filters.

Let’s break down what the Cloud Diffusion filter does and if the filter is the right match for you. 

How Does the Cloud Diffusion Filter Work? 

Sandmarc's Cloud Diffusion filter takes the brightest objects within the frame and forms a soft, hazy image by lifting the shadows slightly. This is done by incorporating small particles into the glass that is barely perceptible to the naked eye. Even your lens won't see it. 

But when light passes through the diffusion filter, it creates a soft glowing effect. This is where you get that dreamy look when shooting night photography with bright lights, or when you're snapping pics and videos during golden hour. 

The Cloud Diffusion filter is crafted with multi-coated glass embedded in an aluminum frame. The filter has an outer diameter of 61mm, and an inner diameter of 40.6mm, which enables the filters to cover all three lenses in the iPhone 13’s design. 

Unlike out-of-focus or blurred shots, the filter preserves the image to your exact liking while creating a glow surrounding the bright objects and brightening the shadows that are reminiscent of Ridley Scott’sBlade Runner

Sandmarc's diffusion filters create a dreamy night shot for smartphone filmmakersCredit: Sandmarc

By easily clipping the filter over the cameras of your iPhone, you are ready to go out and shoot beautifully soft images. 

The Cloud Diffusion filter comes in a two-filter set, with a ¼ Diffusion filter for a 25% glow from the lens and a ⅛ diffusion for a more subtle 12.5% strength. The filters also cast some ambient light into the shadows to reveal a bit more detail. This filter can elevate your night-time footage, creating a softness that you just can't get without it. 

Smartphone Compatibility

The Cloud Diffusion filters are compatible with all iPhone models and have an attachment to fit over Sandmarc’s anamorphic, wide, and telephoto lenses, which attach through its smartphone case. 

While the filter is marketed toward iPhone users, the clip-on option is said to be compatible with Samsung devices, Google Pixel devices, and most other LG, Huawei, One Plus & Motorola flagship devices. You can find the full list of compatible phones on the bottom of the product page.

Sandmarc's Cloud Diffusion Filters elevate your smartphone filmmakingThe Cloud Diffusion FiltersCredit: Courtesy of Sandmarc

Should You Get It?

There are a lot of filters like this on the market right now, not only for smartphones but also for matte boxes and all kinds of lenses. But every manufacturer has their own secret sauce for how they approach the diffusion process. So should you get the Sandmarc Cloud Diffusion Filter for your smartphone content creation? That'll be up to you if you like the look that Sandmarc developed. So go out and do some testing!

The Sandmarc Cloud Diffusion Filter for the iPhone comes with both 1/4 and 1/8 filters, the smartphone clip-on mount, and a filter pouch for easy protection. The filter is currently available for $99.99 on Sandmarc's website

What do you think about the look that these filters provide? Would you choose it over Moment or Tiffen? Let us know in the comments!

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Source: Sandmarc