Just two months ago, No Film School revealed the official release date for the Guillermo Del Toro-produced (and co-written) film adaptation of the popular young adult book series, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and now the first TV spots have dropped on Super Bowl Sunday. The real question is: is it scary?

The teasers provide a sneak peek of the various grotesque monsters that made up the books that gave many children nightmares for their terrifyingly written prose and grotesquely accompanying, NFSW artwork. Directed by Norwegian filmmaker André Øvredal (Troll Hunter), the film adaptation definitely isn't for children (although a case could be made that the anthology-based source material wasn't either), but the film does star children, so it's unclear how much of the marketing will be targeted toward the younger demographic. Then again the film adaptation of Stephen King's IT was a big R-rated blockbuster hit while featuring a bunch of young folk, so maybe the casting says nothing of the extremity of the shocks and thrills that will be on display.

We'll be able to find out soon enough, as the film opens this summer on August 9th, 2019

Check out the TV spots below.

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