This Extension Lets You Stream Movies Side-by-Side with the Screenplay

Want to watch your favorite movie with the screenplay next to it? There's an app for that. 

One of the best ways to learn about screenwriting is to read screenplays. You can see the formatting, structure, character development, and each character's arc right on the page. Everything is there for you to learn about and to absorb. 

But what if you really like watching the movie along with the script? 

Well, a new app makes this much easier. 

ScreenplaySubs is a browser extension for Netflix that syncs up movies with screenplays, displaying them side by side. It's like having a subtitle that provides more insights on films.

The Movies 

Here are the films you can watch with their screenplays right now. More are being added all the time. 

  • The Social Network
  • Marriage Story 
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse 
  • The Irishman
  • Zodiac 
  • Silver Linings Playbook 

How Does This Work? 

Install the browser extension [ChromeFirefox], then you'll be redirected to Netflix and can start watching the movie with the screenplay by pressing the toggle button at the top right corner.

That's about it!

Buy a Coffee

This was all put together by a single person and it's kind of amazing. If you have movies you want to see synced into this system, you can buy him a coffee and ask! I know I'll be pushing for The Nice Guys to be added to the list. 

What movies would you like to see? 

Let us know in the comments.      

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It’s an awesome concept. Of the creator is reading theirs I have two requests to improve it

1/ if possible please make the width of the script fill the right side of the screen. There’s a lot of black space on around the words, making them much smaller and therefore harder to read than they could be.

2/ this could be taste but with the way the scripts moved to each line of dialogue, it jumps and is hard to continue reading as the script moves on, especially in the social network. My suggestion if it is possible is to have a yellow highlight bar accross the script side of the screen, highlighting where the script is up to, and then SCROLLING the script up slowing and speeding up to keep the highlighting line in sync with what’s on the screen. I think this would help make it a little more readable.

Any fantastic concept and I’m going to try it on my big screen tv to see how readable it is

August 17, 2020 at 8:42AM

Isaac Elliott
Director - Producer

Hi Isaac,

Creator here, those are great suggestions. I agree that the jumping can be quite jarring at times, so definitely onboard with #2. Will definitely consider them. Stay tuned!

August 17, 2020 at 9:30PM


This entire concept is BUNK!

Anyone who is a film maker knows the script and edit changes so much from the original shooting script and that any screen play you can get of a film is changed after the film is released to match the finished movie. Actors ad-lib lines, scenes are cut out or re-arranged in post, a tons of factors go into play while a film is being shot... from a night scene in the script is changed to day or the location changes because the actor is not available or timing, etc..

You wont learn much about writing screen plays from this at all and its only a trivial thing for none film makers to think they are getting an inside scoop.. Hell a film like "Into the Wild" was originally shot and edited in chronological order, but then when that was too boring, the editor turned it into flash backs and flash forwards to have it jump all around the time line. A common thing that takes place to make a film play more dramatically involving.

And the studios WONT EVER let the original script out because they dont wont Monday morning quarterbacks reading he original script and think it might be better than the film that actually finally came out and hear all the criticism.. SO the original shooting script or the script that got sold to make the film never sees the light of day.
The End!

August 20, 2020 at 1:14PM

Hunter Senftner

Hi Hunter,

Developer here. Thanks for the criticism, these are valid points.

Your first one is one of the things that appealed me to research on this topic and develop ScreenplaySubs. To what extent can we automate detecting changes between screenplay and film? This includes cut out scenes, rearranged scenes, cut out dialogues, rearranged dialogues, and improvised dialogues. Behind the scenes (no pun intended), ScreenplaySubs is able to capture these changes quite well, which I plan to do a technical write-up on. It’s not perfect, but it’s improving and it’s planning to add support for crowdsourcing for a more accurate screenplay-film mapping.

How I intended ScreenplaySubs to be used is by reading the screenplay or the movie first, and use this tool to analyze both while comparing your expectations with what it is on screen. These are the things I hope this free tool will be of some help with:
- Get new people who never even considered filmmaking/screenwriting as a profession to consider it
- Recognize the differences between the screenplay and the film and in that way challenges the viewer to infer of those change (Maybe the scene is boring chronologically? Maybe they didn’t have enough budget? Is the improvised line more preferable than what’s in the screenplay?)

Your last point sucks since there’s little I can do about that. Some do have scripts out to be eligible for film competitions and the likes.

Please reach out at, it would be awesome to have more of your thoughts :)

August 21, 2020 at 2:06PM


Quảng Ngãi 365

August 20, 2020 at 7:11PM

Quảng Ngãi 365
Quảng Ngãi 365 | Thông tin sản phẩm & dịch vụ tại Quảng Ngãi

Bất chánh niệm

August 21, 2020 at 3:29AM

Phú Yên 365
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