I love watching short films. They're an excellent way to check out compact stories and inventive camera techniques. Now there's an app where you can stream short films from all over the globe. 

Argo brings high-quality short films to audiences everywhere. 

The platform presents a broad range of 5- to 35-minute films varying from documentaries and animation to narrative inspirational stories. Argo’s goal is to nurture emerging talent and promote film playlists revolving around important themes, trending issues, and relevant topics of today. 

The coolest thing is that it has a deep collection of award-winning films. They're specifically showcasing Oscar and Sundance-winning short films made by well-known directors and students. Argo brings brilliant and emotional short films to the forefront of the entertainment industry. However, Argo’s broader functionality aims at connecting people through the power of film, engaging audiences in meaningful conversations, and curating an emotionally impactful experience. The platform is consolidating short film distribution and building an ecosystem to support filmmakers and production companies with better monetization and marketing.

You can submit your shorts to them or have someone nominate them. It's all explained on their website

Check it out and let us know what you think!