As his new movie Old conquers the box office, M. Night Shyamalan is fully basking in the glow of his comeback. With 13 films under his belt, Shyamalan went from wunderkind to punchline to top of the box office in around 25 years, which is a real whirlwind in Hollywood. 

He sat down with GQ magazine to talk about his films and this incredible journey.

In a plot twist worthy of his earlier work, Shyamalan was asked to pick his favorite of his movies, and said, “The ones I have most affinity for are the ones that have maintained that quirky nature. Unbreakable, and Lady in the Water, and The Visit, and this movie [Old]… the ones that are poky.”

When the interviewer pressed Shyamalan about The Sixth Sense, which many consider to be his masterpiece, Shyamalan said that the movie might be too neat, with a "suit and tie quality."

His point is that a film like Lady in the Water conveys the weirdness and the poky appeal of himself.

This is an interesting idea, as if he feels like the way he can truly express himself now, later in his career, is through his most challenging and auspicious films.

His career has obviously been one of the most interesting in Hollywood. The ups and downs are incredible lessons for budding filmmakers. He's one of those people who is impossible to predict. What will he do next? It'll be interesting to see how Shyamalan stays weird and takes more risks. 

As Old continues to make money at the box office, people will keep taking chances on Shyamalan's visions. And I'll definitely keep watching.