I own lots of SmallRig stuff. In fact, all of my cameras are currently outfitted from head to toe with SmallRig cages and accessories. A huge pet peeve of mine is when companies sell small pieces of metal with some holes and threads in them and charge hundreds and hundreds of dollars (I'm not gonna name names). That's where SmallRig has always come in.

SmallRig has always priced its accessories extremely reasonably, and they are absolutely serviceable from a durability and usability standpoint. They even include little hidden Allen keys and tripod screw gadgets on their cages, both of which have come in very handy at times over the years. So, suffice to say, I'm usually a fan of its products.

Recently it came to my attention that the company has just now put out a small RGBWW LED light called the M160.

SmallRig Releases M160 RGB LightCredit: SmallRig

Why an RGBWW Light?

RGBWW lighting is definitely a big part of the future, but it's also a very crowded space already. From all different price-point perspectives, from the high-end to the low, there are plenty of extremely impressive developments being made in the space.

Immediately, this light draws uncanny comparisons to the Aputure MC lights, which curiously, run at the exact same price-point of around $100 (there are plenty of others as well). The Aputure lights have an advertised output of about 1100lux (at .3 meters) and the SmallRig M160 has an output of 1350lux (at .5 meters), so maybe just a little brighter. Both lights have magnets, can fit in your pocket, and have tons of really cool lighting effects (aside from Aputure's Sidus Link app and Bluetooth mesh capabilities). They are nearly identical in a lot of the most obvious ways.

While It's certainly not a new thing for competitors to release competing similar products, I do find it curious that the price-point is the same across almost all of these little square RGBWW LED light releases, and how many of them there are out there. I'm curious to see what plans (if any) SmallRig has for lighting in the future, and in the meantime, I'd say we're about maxed out on battery-powered magnet RGBWW lights.

SmallRig Releases M160 RGB LightCredit: SmallRig

Here's a look at some of the features of the light:

  • CCT range of 2500K-8500K
  • Full HSI Color Control
  • Twelve Lighting effects
    • Cop Car, Fire Engine, Ambulance, RGB Color Change, RGB Strobe, Rainstorm Lightning, Windstorm Lightning, Paparazzi, Fire and Candlelight, TV, Breathing Light
  • 1350lux at .5 meters
  • Portable, with 3800mAh battery
  • Accessories included

Are you excited about this one? Let us know in the comments.