If you own binoculars and a smartphone and have had both with you at the same time, then you’ve probably thought about trying them out together. As you probably found out, it’s a bit tricky to line everything up just right to work in the way you’d like.

However, thanks to the technical innovations of Nocs Provisions, we finally have a real way to attach binoculars to your smartphone camera.

So, let’s take a look at Nocs Provision's new Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter and explore how this new and improved smartphone rig can help you add a true telephoto lens to your smartphone with this easy-to-use adapter.

The Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter

As far as technical innovations go, while this isn’t the most groundbreaking per se in terms of sophistication, it’s still certainly one of the most creative. Noc Provisions’ Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter is a simple design that allows users to attach their binoculars (or monoculars) to their smartphones as a means to use said binoculars as a telephoto lens extension.

This Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter is actually an updated version of an old design by Nocs Provisions, and this new version promises to include plenty of improved features and performance, including a handy new self-centering frame that should help with aligning your photo or video shots.

Designed with a sturdy frame strong enough for one-handed use, this new version should actually be a bit stronger and more secure than its previous iteration. It’s also designed to be easily attachable to any tripod or stand, as well as be compatible with a wide range of binocular types and brands (although the company recommends using binoculars with an eyepiece diameter between 20mm and 50mm).

Extreme Telephoto Lens Videography

While it would appear that this Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter is primarily aimed at those looking to use it for long-distance nature photography, this rig might actually end up being another helpful hack for those looking to take advantage of their new iPhone 15 Pro smartphones and its Apple Log recording—even from a distance.

“The Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter has been very popular with Nocs customers. It allows you to capture those special moments out there — wildlife, a friend out on a wave, landscapes or anything you want — and share them. We made significant upgrades to the new Photo Rig to complement all of our binocular and monocular models, and give people yet another creative outlet to enjoy as they explore the outdoors.” — Jackson Fox, Marketing Manager, Nocs Provisions.

Overall, this product is indeed creative, but of course only going to be handy for certain situations.

However, if you are looking to try out some extreme telephoto videography with your favorite smartphone and binoculars combo, then this rig should be one of the best ways to get this done.

Nocs Provisions Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter

Nocs Provisions Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter

Credit: Nocs Provisions

Price and Availability

Luckily, this Nocs Provisions Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter isn’t going to break the bank with a price point of just $35.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can find out more info on Noc Provisions’ website here.