The news cycle right now is dominated by Zack Snyder, who has risen out of the doom and gloom of the DC universe and made a big splash with Army of the Dead on Netflix. He's doing all the rounds and giving some of the most honest and interesting answers about working in the industry. 

Recently, he was speaking to The Telegraph, and he mentioned an idea that might surprise you.

“It’s a kind of female version of The Wrestler, about a midwestern housewife who happens to have a pretty good body, and starts to do some bodybuilding competitions, and then falls down a rabbit hole of steroids and hormones,” Snyder said. “It becomes a contest between fitness and family, and she loses her family because she’s spending all her money on diet supplements and drugs and trainers, and all of that stuff.”

Honestly, that idea sounds pretty cool. The Wrestler was an amazing comeback for Mickey Rourke but also cemented Darren Aronofsky as one of our most important and ingenious directors. 

So who do you get to embody that kind of person?

Snyder didn't hesitate and said Amy Adams “because it would be such a hugely hard job just training to the point at which it was believable. And you need someone like Amy who loves the craft to do it.”

Sounds like a winner to me. Adams is still searching for her first Oscar win after numerous nominations, so maybe that's the role that gets it done for her. Still, I can't imagine any actress wanting to drastically change their body that much for the role. 

Amy_adams_sharp_objects'Sharp Objects'Credit: HBO

Snyder has already made one bodybuilding movie, sort of.

His 300 was a celebration of cutting carbs and doing sit-ups. He's naturally drawn to these kinds of movies where the human form is on display. 

“That kind of appreciation of the human form is something I really warmed to,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to make a religious film and a pornographic film, and I’ve never really yet had the chance to do either. Maybe if I could combine the two… Or maybe 300 is that film, in some sense, a little bit. Or at least a primer for what that film could be.”

It sounds like Snyder has a lot on his plate and is unsure where to go next. It's exciting to see him break away from heroes for a bit. I think some time reinventing himself might yield the best results.

And hey, if he heads into porn, he wouldn't be the first big director to dabble, although that's usually where people begin their careers, not end them. 

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