Justin Roiland is best known as the co-creator and lead vocal talent behind the immensely popular show Rick and Morty. But I'll always know him as a guy making extremely weird videos. 

Wait so... nothing has changed. 

Mike McMahan went from a Rick and Morty writer's assistant to a showrunner along with Roiland. Now they've got a new show Solar Opposites (May 8 on Hulu).  

Now, I won't sugar coat it... this interview gets strange. But you should expect no less from these guys.

After warming up a bit, we get into the conceit and intent behind Solar Opposites, what properties they'd both love to reboot or work with, how they got started creating things, how to keep humor fresh and edgy in an era with so many topics off-limits, and more.

Anyway, buckle-up because we're going to some strange places:

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This episode of The No Film School Podcast was produced by George Edelman and edited by Jeffrey Reeser