And inside it, FX9 users are going to be thrilled to find both anamorphic and B4 lens support leading a host of other features to expand the capability of this robust legacy digital cinema camera. Let’s look under the hood.

Chief among the features arriving with firmware update 5.1 is anamorphic lens support. Users have long wanted the ability for the FX9 to finally utilize anamorphic lenses, and de-squeeze the image from the LCD screen at 2x. Meanwhile, B4 lens support provides a broadcast-like function, through the Sony LA-SB1 adapter. This will enable ENG and broadcast shooters to harness S16 scanning in full HD at up to 180fps. There’s also auto lens aberration correction to round out the lens capabilities.

Sony has also added a remote-control capability through USB Tethering through an iOS device running vs.14, along with setting up your FX9 with the Sony smartphone app.

The FX9 can also use the S700 protocol over Ethernet, for controlling the camera via IP as well. Real-time tracking will enable camera operators to use the LCD touchscreen to select focus and lock into a target and keep that focus until it’s changed.

Other features include:

  • Assignable Center Scan—toggle between different scan modes like with a Digital Extender known from camcorders such as the PXW-Z280 (FF6K – FF crop 5K – S35 – S16)
  • Clip Naming (Cam ID + Reel#)
  • Additional items can be modified in the Status Screen
  • SR Live for HDR metadata support
  • Recording Proxy Clip Real-time Transfer

These added features certainly extend the useful life of the veteran FX9, making it more adaptable for a wider variety of content creation. From shooting documentaries to live video streaming and even newsgathering, the Sony FX9 is now a jack-of-all-trades.

If you’re an FX9 user, Sony’s v3.0 firmware update can be downloaded for free by clicking here.