Sony has announced details to firmware version 6.0 for VENICE which will be released later this year. The biggest additions include higher frame rates and the ability to import Advanced Rendering Transform (.art) files, a new LUT system that will improve the ability to monitor on set. 

VENICE Version 6.0 Features 

  • 5.7K 16:9 up to 72fps
  • 4K 6:5 up to 72fps
  • 3.8K up to 110fps
  • Gyro info stored as metadata (X-OCN & XAVC)
  • Support Fujinon Premista ZEISS eXtended metadata 
  • 3D LUT adaption to VF
  • Advanced Rendering Transform Import
  • Second User Frame Line
  • 9:16 and 1:1 Frame Lines
  • REC beep and alarm volume adjusted manually 
  • Maintain CamID+Reel# when loading ALL FILE
  • Displays Genlock & Timecode Status on OSD
  • De-Squeeze ON/OFF by assigned button

Venice_frame_rates2VENICE frame rates

HFR Capabilities

Sony has expanded VENICE's high frame rate capabilities up to 72fps at 5.7K 16:9 and 110fps 3.8K 16:9. In addition, it can now record up to 72fps at 4K 6:5 in anamorphic mode. It's important to note, some of the frame rates require a license to unlock the feature. 

Cubevart.cube file versus .art comparison look

Advanced Rendering Transform

Essentially, this is a new LUT system from Sony that uses .art files instead of .cube files. The results create an improved picture quality over traditional 3D LUT .cube files.  

Advanced Rendering Transform (.art) files can be generated with Sony's RAW Viewer software using any .cube file. After exporting the .art file, it can then be imported into VENICE and applied to the outputs of the camera, including the viewfinder and a monitor. Files support HDR output and are securely encrypted.

In its basic form, the .art file is a new container for 3D LUTs and is created in a few steps: 

  • Create 3D .cube file using grading tool or Sony RAW Viewer (33x33x33 or 65x65x65)
  • Import 3D .cube into Sony RAW Viewer
  • Export .art file
  • Import .art file to VENICE using SD card

Technicolor_looksSony and Technicolor have teamed up to create a look library

Sony is collaborating with Technicolor to create its own look library for VENICE. Initially, Technicolor will provide 5 different looks and Rec.709 will be the target display. For now, only VENICE can use Advanced Rendering Transform files, but it will be supported by third-party color grading software like DaVinci Resolve


Second User Frame Line

With version 6.0, VENICE will have a second user frame line. This allows cinematographers to frame multiple aspect ratios at once. The feature is a must addition for all cameras, especially when framing for vertical and horizontal at the same time. Quibi is just one platform that requires both formats as a final deliverable.

In a recent No Film School article, cinematographer Daniel B. Levin used the Sony FX9 to film the Lebron James documentary I PROMISE for the streaming service. He talked about the challenges behind vertical and horizontal framing for Quibi. Knowing VENICE will have a second frame line, I'm sure it would help FX9 users as well. 

Additionally, VENICE will have frame lines for 9:16 (2255 x 4032) and 1:1 (4032 x 4032) aspect ratios. 


Other Features 

As mentioned above, the Fujinon Premista lenses will now output eXtended metadata. When shooting anamorphic, users can assign a button to turn on or off de-squeeze. Genlock and timecode status will be shown directly on display, and any gryo tilt/roll info the camera captures will be stored directly in the metadata on the recorded files. 

VENICE firmware 6.0 will arrive in November. It will be available for download on its support page