Here's to the new normal! Filmmaker Spike Jonze's latest PSA announcement documents the history of cannabis in the United States, originating on George Washington's farm and finding its hemp-flavored way to the proposed normalcy of the 21st century. 

Yes, this is an enlightening and enlightened pro-weed advertisement commissioned by MedMen, a retailer that's mission is to "provide an unparalleled experience that invites the world to discover the remarkable benefits of cannabis because a world where cannabis is legal and regulated is a safer, healthier and happier world."

Jonze is the right man for the job here, presenting a brief history of how cannabis consumption has lead to unnecessary imprisonment, film propaganda, and a lack of fulfilled jobs. Introduced as a museum piece meant to be silently gawked at, the two-minute piece takes a masterful exhibit approach to how it lays outs its issues, making its point and literally panning to the next set of circumstances to be rendered. 

Optimistic and unintrusive, the PSA is less about targeted anger than it is about embracing a future that allows (and encourages) the consumption of marijuana for personal health reasons and recreational relaxation. Hopefully that's something we all can get behind.

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