Belgian-born French director Agnès Varda died today at the age of 90.

If you're a fan or student of her work, this is certainly a huge blow. She not only helped give birth to the French New Wave but her work has gone on to influence generations of new filmmakers. The impact of her passing has been felt all over the world, especially among those in the film industry, many of whom have shared their most treasured memories of meeting her, working with her, and watching her films.


Martin Scorsese even wrote a statement to The Wrap remembering the iconic filmmaking pioneer, which is not only a heartfelt sentiment about a dear colleague and friend but also wise counsel from a fellow cinematic master to young filmmakers that we must all watch her films:

I seriously doubt that Agnès Varda ever followed in anyone else’s footsteps, in any corner of her life or her art…which were one in the same. She charted and walked her own path each step of the way, she and her camera. Every single one of her remarkable handmade pictures, so beautifully balanced between documentary and fiction, is like no one else’s—every image, every cut …What a body of work she left behind: movies big and small, playful and tough, generous and solitary, lyrical and unflinching…and alive.

I saw her for the last time a couple of months ago. She knew that she didn’t have much longer, and she made every second count: she didn’t want to miss a thing. I feel so lucky to have known her. And to all young filmmakers: you need to watch Agnès Varda’s pictures.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not honor this revolutionary filmmaker by watching all of her movies?

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