Fans of P. W. Anderson's Resident Evil franchise rejoice—now you can watch Sweet Home, the J-horror film that inspired the video games that inspired those maximalist horror-action films for free.

Somewhat of an under-the-radar hidden gem of J-Horror, Sweet Home is a bonkers horror film with a perfectly eerie, campy feel, and some impressively creepy practical effects for its time. It inspired Resident Evil's Creator and Director Shinji Mikami based on the (less successful) game that it inspired. Here in the states we have a long history of adapting J-Horror, so it's maybe no surprise that P. W. Anderson's cult films circle back to something.

While Resident Evil is certainly a stronger title, I do love the cheekiness of Sweet Home. But, hey. That's just, like, my opinion, man.

Watch and enjoy this fully restored, weird little gem below.

'Sweet Home' (1989) [Full Film, Domesday Capture, Subbed]

The modern, digital restoration movement is super interesting and fun, with more and more artists and groups like Kineko popping up to scan and restore old films in a higher restoration than they've ever had the opportunity to shine in. It doesn't hurt they publish to watch free of charge, either.

Kineko mostly focusses on animation, so this is their first live action restoration. Nice work!

We love a good Criterion restoration, but they can't catch everything!

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