When it comes to powering your camera, monitor, and other accessories, the battery that's included (if one is at all) will only take you so far. For longer shoots, and larger setups, V-mount and Gold mount batteries have become the go-to options for their robust power. 

Today's V-mount and Gold mount batteries are a lot smarter with the ability to quick charge, hot-swap, stack, and power accessories other than D-tap. We are now seeing more compact batteries come to the market, which makes them ideal for when your footprint needs to be small yet power-hungry.  


The SWIT Pocket PB-M45S is a tiny 45Wh/3.1Ah V-mount battery that can quite literally fit in your pocket. It accompanies the previously announced SWIT PB-M98S with a 98Wh/6.8Ah capacity. While brick size V-mount batteries are always too big and heavy for field shoots, especially on handheld stabilizers, focus puller monitors, portable LED panels, or compact cameras, these smaller batteries are a great alternative when weight is important. 

Both the 45Wh and 98Wh batteries tout similar features, including a D-tap output and charging input, a USB 5V/2A output, and a 5 LED power indicator. They are fast-charging and can be hot-swappable with your setup. The 45Wh has a 150W, 12A constant high load, while the 98Wh has a 100W, 8A max load, and both can board a plane through carry-on luggage. 

Internally, the batteries feature a "Wire-Free" design where all the cells, D-tap, USB, and power indicators are soldered onto PCB without using wires. This reduces the internal resistance, effectively making the circuitry more reliable. 

At the moment, SWIT only offers the Pocket batteries in V-mount. The PB-M45S is priced at $190, and the PB-M98S is $260.