SXSW Cancelled Due to the Coronavirus

SXSW joins the Hollywood panic over the coronavirus by canceling its 2020 event. 

On Friday, March 6, Mayor Steve Adler of Austin, Texas, announced that the film, music, and interactive industry conference South by Southwest was to be canceled because of the pandemic of COVID-19, or coronavirus. 

Adler held a press conference where he said: "Based on the recommendation of our public health officer and our director of public health, and after our consultation with the city manager, I've gone ahead and declared a local disaster in the city In association with that, I've issued an order that effectively cancels South by Southwest for this year."

SXSW was slated to run from March 13 through 22nd. It's a special event that's incredibly fun and a great place for the industry to debut genre-focused film and television shows. 

This comes on the coattails of the new Bond movie shifting its debut to November and Hollywood set to lose $5 billion to the virus

Fifty thousand people signed a petition to cancel the event, so at least someone is happy. 

In a statement on its website, SXSW said it would "faithfully follow the City's directions." 

"We are devastated to share this news with you...The show must go on' is in our DNA, and this is the first time in 34 years that the March event will not take place. We are now working through the ramifications of this unprecedented situation."

The good news is that the event may happen again soon. 

The statement goes on to say...

"We are exploring options to reschedule the event and are working to provide a virtual SXSW online experience as soon as possible for 2020 participants, starting with SXSW EDU. For our registrants, clients, and participants we will be in touch as soon as possible and will publish an FAQ."

More to come.      

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Really sucks for the filmmakers who were slated to premiere there, that’s gotta be a devastating blow.

March 7, 2020 at 9:55AM


Not to mention all of the retail, servers and bartenders who make a large chunk of their year during SXSW. Yikes!

March 9, 2020 at 1:20PM

Ian Mora
Writer, Director, Editor, Camera Operator

I live in Texas and Austin is a joke. So as Austin is panic mode... In Houston the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo is going on... no panic there! ... If you aren't familiar.... SXSW draws around 400 thousand people, the HLSR draws 2.5 million (2019 numbers) ........

March 9, 2020 at 8:16AM


I feel the concern with SXSW is that SXSW draws people from around the country and around the world. The mayor didn't say it, but it felt that was the real reason. With the rodeo, hopefully it doesn't become an issue. But such a large event, it could easily spike the number of cases with such a food orientated event

March 9, 2020 at 11:21AM, Edited March 9, 11:32AM


Marcus just wash your hands an practice good hygiene. Don't be a victim to the hype. And to give you some flavor as the the international nature of the HLSR ....
The livestock show has a larger international presence than any other. In 2017, the Ministers of Agriculture from Russia and Colombia made official visits to HLSR, joining more than 2,600 other international businessmen representing 88 countries.
Genre: Rodeo, livestock show and fair
Founded: 1931 (as the Houston Fat Stock Sho...
Location(s): Houston, Texas, United States
Dates: 3–22 March 2020

Far more of an international reach then SBSW ... if you don't really understand what a rodeo like this does, I'm willing to explain ... suffice it to say it's all about livestock, herds, feeding the world, sustainability and the like.... giant business.

March 10, 2020 at 4:14PM