Quentin Tarantino has been talking about making only ten films for so long I kind of assumed we'd never get here. But somehow, we are. His tenth film begins shooting soon, and I wanted to go through the things we actually know about it. 

But when I Googled it, I found a lot of conflicting ideas. 

Lucky for us, Tarantino himself has given us all the info so far. He was at the Grand Rex for an event to talk about his book, Cinema Speculation. While there, Tarantino confirmed three big facts about his last project. 

Let's take a look. 

Girl_6'Girl 6'Credit: 20th Century Fox

3 Things We Know About Tarantino's Final Film 

1. It’s called The Movie Critic.

Tarantino said that shooting would begin in the fall of 2023 on this film. It's about a critic and it takes place during one of the most important decades of film. 

2. It takes place in 1977.

The '70s were a golden era of cinema. You had the Godfather films, an auteur new wave, and even blockbusters coming out. There were many prominent film critics then, but the movie is not about the most famous one. 

3. It does not concern Pauline Kael.

Speculation about the movie was that it would be a biopic about film critic Pauline Kael, but Tarantino shot that idea down. Now, it doesn't mean the movie is not inspired by her, but for now, he's playing coy with the subject. Is it a coming-of-age film? Is it about someone in the profession? Is it a metaphor? 

Time will tell. Be patient. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

Source: Sorita Paris