If you want to capture that dreamy, wide-screen anamorphic look from the epic days of cinema, it can be quite a challenge to find a set of lenses that can deliver the goods while handling the high performance of today’s modern film sets. But the P+S Technovision 1.5x line of lenses can provide widescreen across not only a vast array of focal lengths, but they’re also scalable across a wide range of image sensors. The result is that high contrast and deliberate lens flare shooters dream about.

With a 1.5x squeeze factor, the Technovision 1.5X is capable of capturing that widescreen anamorphic look no matter what cinema camera you mount them to. Scalable on image sensors ranging from S35 to full-format, the 1.5X can handle all the way up to 70mm scope formats.

P+S accomplishes this by placing all the anamorphic elements at the front of the lens design so that the dreamy, '70s bokeh we all know and love is achieved. That same configuration also provides the dynamic lens flares that have defined the J.J. Abrams image for a generation.

The lenses come in series of five focal lengths: 40, 50, 75, 100, and 135mm. They can deliver an aspect ratio ranging from 16:9 to 1:2.40, and aperture T ratings of T2.2 to 2.5, so they’re fairly fast. Moreover, P+S has added the rich and contrasty Technovision emulsion, which provides that dynamic chromatic aberration for an artsy vibe.

Pstechnic_anamorphic1Credit: P+S Technik

With today’s action-oriented cinema style, it becomes a challenge to inject a little nostalgic art into your image without compromising the story flow. Thankfully, a good squeeze is all you need to recall those heady days of David Lean and Sergio Leone.

The price of the lenses is around $25,000 US (€19,900 plus VAT). They are also available for rental in full format, PL, and LPL configurations.

Check out this map for locations or the P+S Technik lens support page for more details.