Developed by NewTek, NDI (Network Device Interface) is one of the most efficient protocols for local network video streaming. It can easily move live content around with a user’s existing software, computing devices, and network, while still preserving image quality, frame rate accuracy, and sound sync within the hardware or software. 

Teradek has now implemented NDI into its Cube 700 series of encoders, which includes the Cube 705 and Cube 755, as well as the Slice 756.

Now with an NDI license, Cube owners can use NDI to send video over IP with more ease and efficiency. Plus, since NDI puts video feeds on a network, Cube users will no longer need to rely on long HDMI or SDI cable runs. Additionally, NDI will integrate with vMix, TriCaster, and those using SRT. Cube owners can still use SRT for remote feed to transport to a TriCast and NDI for local feeds. 

The Teradek NDI license uses the NDI | HX protocol which requires a single stream of 1920×1080 at 30fps 8-20 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth. Compare that to the full NDI stream, which needs at least 125 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth for the same HD stream. NDI HX is suitable for WiFi, remote, and large-scale networks. 

The Teradek NDI | HX license is priced at $300. You can find out more on the Teradek support page