At No Film School, we have readers from all over the world. It warms my heart to think any of our links and articles help you all finish your projects and learn without spending a ton of money. One thing I tend to forget is that entertainment travels as well. Movies are highly dependent on the international market, but TV is a beast of its own. 

While TV travels all over the world, every country produces its own programs that also get watched by its citizens. 

But what are people watching? 

Lucky for us, a company called Rave Reviews used IMDb User Ratings and decided to find out what the most popular shows are in each country around the world.

So let's take a look with these great infographics! 

What are the World's Favorite TV Shows (According to IMDB)

Let's take a look at the big map and see what's tracking all over the world. Game of Thrones still has a hold on the US, but the rest of the countries have much more diverse opinions on what they enjoy. If you're s reader, post in our comments and tell us what you think the most popular show is within your country. 

01_most-popular-tv-shows_world-mapCredit: Rave Reviews

North America 

As I mentioned above, Game of Thrones still rules the USA, but that's in for a change since the series ended. But maybe not, since you can see the X-Files controls Canada. Narcos picks up speed in Mexico. Pun intended. 

02_most-popular-tv-shows_north-americaCredit: Rave Reviews


TV isn't all about the Brexit in Europe. People are also tuning into Sherlock, which tracks in the United Kingdom. The Germans love Dark, which can be seen on Netflix. And the French are all about The Returned. 

03_most-popular-tv-shows_europeCredit: Rave Reviews


Mongolia loves Marco Polo. I really love that a lot of these countries like things that take place near or inside them. Japan likes Death Note, an animated series that's gone own to spawn a movie. Taiwan’s fave is a 10-part drama series following the fates of all who were involved in a fatal shooting – the victims, the killer, the media, and those caught up in the trial. It's called Love By Chance. It has a rating of 8.6 on IMDb.

04_most-popular-tv-shows_asiaCredit: Rave Reviews

South America

Los Simuladores (The Pretenders) follows a team of con artists who create ornate fake situations to solve regular peoples’ problems. It was popular enough to be remade in Spain and Mexico.It's the most popular show in Argentina. 

Colombia's favorite show is about Pablo Escobar. 

05_most-popular-tv-shows_south-americaCredit: Rave Reviews


Gambia loves Roots, which speaks to the history of the continent. Malawi likes The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind which Chiwetel Ejiofor adapted into a film. 

06_most-popular-tv-shows_africaCredit: Rave Reviews


The Almighty Johnsons is a 2011-2013 comic fantasy series about a family of Norse gods living in modern-day New Zealand. It is a cult classic there even though it was only on the air for a few years. Australia likes Farscape. It recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary. 

07_most-popular-tv-shows_oceaniaCredit: Rave Reviews

How they made the list

Rave used IMDb to find TV shows from each country and sorted them by User Rating to find the highest-rated shows. In many cases, the shows with the highest ratings had too few votes to constitute a reliable sample, so they compared this list with the Number of Votes list to find the most popular highly-rated show. For countries that had no shows listed at all or no shows with ratings (or only one show with a rating) they searched for highly-rated shows that had been produced in, filmed in, or had a storyline set there.

You can check out all their data here.

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