I've been interested in digging into what artificial intelligence can do. While I don't think it's going to replace us as storytellers or creatives, I do wonder what the capabilities will be as the technology moves forward so rapidly. 

Now, someone has created a short film using AI entirely. 

Check out the short film from NEXT ON NOW and let's talk after. 

What can I say? I found that thoroughly entertaining, and the animation style to be a little jerky but engrossing. The AI tools used to create this short are Elevenlabs, Runwayml's GEN2, and ChatGPT-4

Apparently, they made this AI-generated short film in twenty-four hours. 

My skepticism comes in with the idea that AI assisted them in making this I wonder how much of the writing and ideation came from AI, also, what the human-controlled visual prompts would have been for it as well. 

We don't have that info, but I will keep digging. 

For now, I think we're good to enjoy the short film. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.