Today is the day many movie fans have been waiting for. July 21 marks the official release day of Greta Gerwig's Barbie and Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer, two original films that are fighting it out for box office dominance this weekend.

While the conversation about Barbenheimer won't stop anytime soon now that audiences can finally watch both films, we want to celebrate this day with the viral fan-made artificial intelligence trailer of both films intertwined. What happens with the pink, plastic, and fantastic world of Barbie meets with the melodramatic beauty of Oppenheimer?

Curious Refuge, most notably known for his 'The Galactic Menagerie' (also known as 'Star Wars directed by Wes Anderson') AI trailer that went viral a few weeks ago, decided to create an AI trailer for 'Barbenheimer.' Check it out, then let's chat about why this video works in so many ways.

Watch the 'Barbenheimer' Movie Trailer

Using Midjourney mixed with some AE plug-ins, Curious Refuge created a fun imagining of what could have been. Despite its very robotic dialogue, the trailer perfectly captures why so many people are drawn to the mashup of these two extremely opposite films.

Margot Robbie's Barbie is... well, Barbie. She is perfect at everything she does, even better than Robert J. Oppenheimer. Everything in the world of Oppenheimer is now a pale pink, even Matt Damon's Leslie Groves' military uniform is pink. The atomic bomb's explosion is pink. Death is now fabulous, and there is a sense of camp that removes the terror from a weapon that can destroy humanity.

The AI has improved, now mimicking actors' voices well enough to be identifiable. The only character whose voice still sounds like a robot is Barbie, who sounds like a female AI bot reading a script.

Unlike how the internet reacted to the Wes Anderon AI trailer made by Curious Refuge, the internet (mostly Twitter) seems to be enjoying the AI trailer. Yes, there are still moralistic dangers to AI in filmmaking but is trailer gives me hope that filmmakers will use AI as a visual pitch deck when trying to sell their films.

We've seen filmmakers do this before, and I think it's a strong case for indie filmmakers looking to hook an audience onto an idea, tone, and thematic story within two minutes.

But what do you think? Let us know your thoughts on the 'Barbenheimer' trailer!

Source: Curious Refuge