TikTokers are going to Hollywood after NBCUniversal will launch an initiative designed to turn them into the next generation of television creators. 

Known as Creator Accelerator, the company’s initiative will feature 11 social media creators who have over 10 million followers to create original series as a part of the program. The goal of the program is to bring innovative voices from online into writing rooms and productions. 

Deadline reports that the creators will each have their own NBCUniversal content development mentor to develop scripted and unscripted programs and help them navigate the greenlighting process, which includes helping with pitches, over the next twelve months. 

“Social media has opened up a world of new possibilities for premium video content, including expanding the traditional definition of creative storytellers to include young, up-and-coming diverse creators who are releasing original content of social media almost daily,” said Kathy Kelly-Brown, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at NBCUniversal. 

The group includes Katie Florence, Daren Girdner, Emily Uribe, Gabriella Carter, Reece Feldman, Charlie Curtis-Beard, Erika Priscilla, Vijay Nazareth, Sara Nahusenay, Francesca Fiorentini, and Serena Kerrigan. 

“Empowering the next generation of creative storytellers is a major part of our commitment to diverse representation. By amplifying their ideas on the biggest platform in entertainment, we are leading the industry inc resting the future of premium video content for our fans,” Kelly-Brown added. 

NBCUniversal is the first major media company to tap into the new generation of creators online. Rather than putting these TikTokers in front of the camera, NBCUniversal understands that these content creators are skilled at crafting stories that speak to younger generations. 

This program will be interesting to watch as it explores the transition from online content creation, which is typically a one-person show, to creating scripted and unscripted shows with a team. It's unknown if the Creator Accelerator initiative will continue after this year, but it is safe to say that Hollywood is opening more doors for media influencers who want to move away from apps and onto bigger screens. 

Hopefully, the new generation of creators can bring new ideas into Hollywood that represent the issues and conflicts of different generations. 

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Source: Deadline