Tilta to Ship Cages for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Tilta says this is more than just a cage – it's a system.

It was shipped to those who preordered it last November. Now, Tilta is preparing to move forward with shipments for the rest of us, and the tactical vibe the cage provides is both light and robust. 

Tilta Half Cage for BMPCC 4K
The modular design of the Tilta BMPCC4K Camera Cage allows users to add additional features over time, so if the full cage isn't needed, a half cage can be used which will give shooters basic functions such as armor protection for key sections of your camera, while deploying an array of 1/4-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting points for video lights, external microphones, and magic arms. The base of the cage provides mounting holes for quick release plates or attachment points for a handheld gimbal package. The Half Cage also has a slot for adding a top handle.

Cost of the half cage setup is a very affordable $69

Tilta Full Cage for BMPCC4K

But if you're already into the cage for $70, you may as well shoot the moon and get the full cage for $99. The Full Camera Cage Setup offers complete protection from impact damage, as well as adding multiple mounting points and three cold shoe mounts. Going with the full cage configuration also enables users to attach a wider array of quick release plates underneath, as well as attaching side handles for better stability and control. For an additional $30, it's well worth it to have those options.

Top Handle for the Tilta Camera Cage
I've mentioned the quick release top handle, and there's honestly really nothing outstanding about it, other than it can screw onto the top of the cage, which will provide some much needed carrying capability. But it also adds even more 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting points, which you would expect from a cage handle. It's also fairly affordable at $79, considering the more expensive options out there. 

Tilta 15mm Quick Release Plate
Other accessories in the Tilta Cage System includes a 15mm LWS Baseplate (Type 1), for holding your 15mm rods and attaching follow focus and other rod based accessories. It also supports standard dovetail mounts. Cost is $119.

Tilta Type 1 Side Focus Handle for Canon EP and Sony L Series Batteries
Users can also get additional control of several other accessories like the Side Focus Handle Tip 1, which can power the Nucleus Nano motor through by an additional Canon LP-E6 and micro-USB output. There is a built-in finger wheel for control, remote access to run/stop your camera and a 12v DC put. Cost of this little marvel is $139.

Users with Sony F570 and F970 batteries aren't left out, as there are similar Type 1 Side Focus Handles for them, as well. Note, however, that the F970 Handle costs a bit more, at $229

Lastly, there's also an additional Rubber Side Handle for sliding onto the cage. It offers no additional mounting points or accessory control features, but it does promise better ergonomic comfort for $89.

To be honest, I'm not really sure why rolling these out took nearly a year after its announcement at Interbee last October. Most BMPCC4K users who have been lucky enough to get their camera before it went on backorder have chosen other options by now. But, still, the Tilta Cage System is a valuable tool simply because of its modular concept, which enables it to grow with the user. And to get started for under $250 (full cage and top handle) is a very attractive price point.

So if you haven't invested in a cage yet for your BMPCC4K Camera, the Tilta Cage System is definitely one to look at.     

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They have been "shipping" those for a while now. It's been on amazon in my country too.
Now, I actually have mine, let me tell you the story of my nightmare with Tilta. I'll be quick.
I went to the US for 5 weeks during january/february. I ordered the cage before going there, directly on Tilta's website. They were promising a 3-4 weeks delivery, so it was supposed to be all good.
Turned out nothing was good... 10 days before I got back to my country, I asked tilta if my cage was coming before I leave, their response : "no way". So I asked if they can change the delivery to another adress, again : "no way". I had to cancel the order, and put another order, and start the wait again.

I ordered a second time mid february, I waited months, contacted the support numerous times, I finally received it at the end of june... 4 f*cking months after I ordered it.

Oh yeah, and at one point, they charged me two times for my order, and I didn't have any confirmation that my order was shiped or anything.

Now... I think the gear is great, good quality, good price, but boy ordering and receiving it was a damn nightmare. The funny thing is that it went on sale on Amazon 2/3 weeks before I finally received mine... That was ridiculous.

I would add that Tilta never offered any kind of gesture to apologise for the mishap. I mean, even a 10 bucks rebate on my next order would have been nice. Throughout the whole process they were juste like "that's how it is".

July 23, 2019 at 3:14PM, Edited July 23, 3:17PM


i ordered mine at january from amazon from external seller, 40 day of expected shipping time, only two weeks later i reiceved my cage :-D.
To me it's a very good cage ecosystem, well developed and strong for its price.
i found only one weak point (the same of 4 cage that i tested for bmpc4k), small space to open left ports, it's difficult for my big finghers, but is the same with every other cages that i tested, seems no one producer tested cages mounted, but develop only at computer and not use it.
Anyway best buck for price, better than 8sinn and other more expansive design.

July 24, 2019 at 4:02AM, Edited July 24, 4:52AM

Carlo Macchiavello
Director (with strong tech knowledge)

Use my solution, I ripped out the little "doors" (don't know how to call that) on the camera. Nothing broke, it just kind of unplug, I don't know if I will be able to put it back, but frankly, I don't care.

TBH, I think Blackmagic didn't think this through too. I mean, to have 3 doors, so close to each other and that are attached by a cable too small... They were already annoying without the cage, but with the cage, it's just impossible to use some ports like the AC port, especially if, like me, you bought the tilta accessories for the hdmi and usb c (you should, they're awesome)

July 24, 2019 at 9:21AM, Edited July 24, 9:23AM