When it comes to building out your camera for the rigors of production, Tilta accessories are reliable and robust. Tilta is now offering three different kits for the Sony FX6 along with several accessories to expand the capabilities of the compact full-frame cinema camera. Each component of the kit is also available individually, so if you're only looking for a trusty top plate or 15mm rod holders, Tilta has your\ covered. Better yet, the accessories won't break the bank. Let's take a look. 

The Sony FX6 Basic Kit - $159 

Tilta_fx6_basekitCredit: Tilta

The Basic Kit comes with a quick-release baseplate, a multi-functional top plate, and a side arm.

The baseplate allows you to attach various accessories via 15mm LWS rods on either the front or back side of the baseplate. The Dual ARRI Rosettes allow for mounting additional accessories such as extended arms or handles for handheld shooting. Additionally, the baseplate natively connects to Tilta standard dovetails and can be adapted to ARRI standard via Tilta standard to ARRI standard multi-functional baseplate. This is a nice touch if you own both. 

The top plate fits around the original top handle on the FX6 and supports Tilta's optional top handle which can be adjusted for balance and includes a monitor mount for the FX6’s LCD monitor bracket. The top plate also has a dual 15mm LWS rod to mount accessories via 15mm rods.

The side arm has built-in 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 threaded holes for mounting wireless units, monitors, microphones, or LEDs. It also includes a space for three reusable camera index stickers to label the camera position in multi-camera environments. Lastly, a built-in lens adapter support bracket is also included on the front side of the plate.

​The Basic Kit is available for $159 and can be ordered here

The Sony FX6 Advanced Kit - $279

Tilta_fx6_advancedCredit: Tilta

The Advanced Kit has everything from the Basic Kit with the addition of a wireless video mounting bracket and a battery mounting plate, the latter of which will come in handy for longer days or when you need to power accessories. The Advanced Kit is available in V-mount or Gold mount options and is only $120 more than the Basic Kit, which is a bargain when comparing it to buying them separately. 

The wireless video mounting bracket allows you to attach video transmitters or wireless audio receivers via a 90° 1/4″-20 threaded bracket. The design allows for a clean and convenient setup. 

The battery plate features two 14.8V P-Tap ports, a single 14.8V 2 Pin Lemo Port, and one 5V USB Port. It mounts and locks into the battery chamber, so it's safe and secure. 

The Advanced Kit is available now for $279 and can be ordered here

Vertical Mounting Kit - $389

Tilta_verticalCredit: Tilta

The most versatile package out of the trio of kits, the Vertical Mounting Kit includes everything from the Basic and Advanced Kit plus an adjustable top handle and a vertical mounting plate. 

As the name suggests, the kit allows you to vertically mount the FX6 for when 9x16 shooting is necessary. The kit comes in either V-mount or Gold mount depending on your battery setup. The top handle can be rotated 180° and is also adjustable forward and backward to balance the camera. The vertical mounting plate features a cold shoe, 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads to mount various accessories. 

The Vertical Mounting Kit saves you over $100 if you bought everything separately. It's available for $389 and can be ordered here


Tilta has also made available other accessories for the FX6 including two matte boxes, a studio-style baseplate for multi-cam productions, dovetails, and an additional top handle option, among others. You can check out all the accessories here

What do you think of the Tilta lineup for the Sony FX6? Let us know in the comments below.