A pocket-sized gimbal is revolutionary on its own. The DJI Osmo Pocket gimbal is portable, has a long-lasting battery, and is accessible at $349, all while shooting clean, stable footage.

COOPH wants filmmakers to push the limits of what you do with the Osmo Pocket, and they're offering some great tips for shooting with this gimbal.

Watch their video below.

Capture a low-angle pan

Since the Osmo Pocket is so small and doesn't require a smartphone to be connected, it can shoot from unique angles that might be otherwise difficult to capture.

Try making a small, DIY rotating rig. This can be something as simple as a drill, but there are other options that you can modify.

Mount your gimbal to your rig, and you've got an easy, low-angle panning shot that will turn your boring table scene into a more dynamic set piece.

Make sure you know the basics of the low-angle shot before you proceed.

Use ActiveTrack

ActiveTrack is DJI's tool for tracking subjects through shots. It's been a feature of their drones for several years and allows their cameras to follow a designated subject, even if the subject is moving.

When you tap on your subject using the Osmo Pocket, the camera will smoothly track your subject as they walk around a space. COOPH points out that this is a great tool for vloggers.

The Selfie Mode on the Osmo Pocket will also automatically track your face, keeping you in the middle of the frame.

DJI Osmo Pocket ActiveTrack

Mount the gimbal in interesting locations

This video mounts the Osmo Pocket on the end of a pool cue, but the possibilities are almost endless.

With a little tape, you can create your own micro mount, and take your Osmo Pocket to new locations. Which leads into the next tip...

Light your up-close-and-personal shots

COOPH suggests attaching a small flashlight to the Osmo Pocket so you are illuminating all those unique shots.

They call this "ant perspective," but it's really any point of view that is unconventional and puts the camera in a location not often seen. This includes the insides of clothing as someone gets dressed.

If you have a light source, even one as rudimentary as a flashlight attachment, you might be able to capture some fun footage.

DJI Osmo Pocket Timelapse

Merging motion

The Osmo Pocket comes with a tool called Motionlapse, which allows you to create a single-shot timelapse with smooth motion.

COOPH's tip involves taking a timelapse with the Osmo Pocket camera, marking the camera's position, and then taking another timelapse using your smartphone and the "party" template. The template is a real-time pan in the same direction as your timelapse.

You can combine the shots in post (maybe using Mocha) to have one fun shot where footage moves at two different speeds.

Maybe you'll create the next viral timelapse sensation.

What's next? Learn more about working with gimbals

Before you start, make sure you know all the basic camera movements and angles. Then you're ready to use a gimbal like a pro, incorporate cinematic camera moves, and improve your footage.

Source: COOPH