If you've got a smartphone and want to create some super cool, unique shots—you're kind of out of luck, right? I mean, yeah, there are a few good gimbal rigs out there that will let you get steady handheld shots and you can certainly rig up your slider to work with your phone, but the vast majority of gear is built for larger cameras. However, if you know a few clever hacks, you can get some really interesting, albeit strangely-made shots. In this tutorial, the team over at COOPH shows you how to make a DIY rotating camera rig that allows you to shoot 360-degree rotations with nothing more than a block of wood, a drill, and some tape. Check it out below:

This is one of the weirder DIY hacks I've seen in a long while—then again, I've seen a garbage bag turned into one of the most versatile filmmaking tools ever. But hey, it's cheap and easy to make. Grab a scrap piece of 2x4, drill halfway through, and then just tape your phone to the damn thing. Boom! Now you can go out and shoot some stylish rotating shots without having to buy expensive gear or, as it usually is with smartphone filmmaking right now, wait for it to be invented.

What are some other useful DIY hacks for smartphone filmmaking? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: COOPH