Just as we saw with the first AI-generated short films and the first AI-generated music video, we’re now looking at the next logical step in the AI-generated pipeline—a fully AI-generated brand commercial.

Released by Toys ‘R’ Us, this new AI-generated brand video made use of OpenAI’s still-yet-to-be-publicly-released Sora AI video model includes pretty much everything you might expect for an AI-produced brand piece. It’s uncanny as hell and about as tone-deaf as you could possibly get in both its messaging and presentation.

Let’s take a look at this AI-generated brand video and explore what it could mean for the future of AI-produced commercial advertising.

The First AI-Generated Commercial

Revealed for the first time at the Cannes Lions Festival, this new spot from Toys ‘R’ Us more or less tells the origin story of the company’s signature mascot character—Geoffrey the Giraffe. It also comes at a time when one doesn’t usually think of Toys ‘R’ Us and advanced technology aren’t super synonymous.

Toys ‘R’ Us declared bankruptcy in 2018 and has been closing stores across the country in the past few years before it was purchased by a venture company called WHP Global. And, well you know how these things go.

The Future for Sora and AI Video

The Toys ‘R’ Us brand video uses OpenAI’s Sora, which we’ve seen a lot of examples of so far, and we’ve interviewed a couple of different filmmakers and creatives who have used it but have still not been released to the general public just yet.

Sadly, despite whatever criticism or feedback Toys ‘R’ Us receives for this AI-generated spot, we can assume that this won’t be the last commercial to be produced by generative AI video models. We can also assume that this further means that OpenAI is ramping up for its general release of Sora, which would be wise as Luma’s Dream Machine and Runways Gen-3 Alpha are quite impressive video AIs as well.