Short films are a specific art form that many filmmakers use to break into Hollywood and then showcase their talents for the opportunities to pitch on larger projects at studios.

While parts of that are still true, shorts have sort of hit the backburner of Hollywood as the town figures out what it wants and from who.

But as short films find their place in Hollywood, AI is already coming for them.

The 2024 Tribeca Festival, in collaboration with OpenAI, will premiere five groundbreaking short films created using OpenAI's innovative text-to-video AI model, Sora.

This marks the first ever showcase of films produced with this technology at a major film festival.

And it may also mark a changing of the guard at these festivals, as they begin to accept films created by AI, or in conjunction with AI.

This is all born from the desire to get real artists using AI.

By providing award-winning filmmakers and Tribeca Festival alumni access to Sora, this initiative aims to explore the potential of generative AI as a creative tool in filmmaking.

The filmmakers were given only a few weeks to complete their projects, pushing the boundaries of both creativity and technological innovation, to see if they can work together.

“Tribeca is rooted in the foundational belief that storytelling inspires change. Humans need stories to thrive and make sense of our wonderful and broken world,” said co-founder and CEO of Tribeca Enterprises, Jane Rosenthal. “Sometimes these stories come to us as a feature film, an immersive experience, a piece of art, or even an AI-generated short film. I can’t wait to see what this group of fiercely creative Tribeca alumni come up with.”

As for the OpenAI team and their thoughts on collaborating?

“It's great to see how these filmmakers are extending their creativity with Sora, and we are honored for their works to debut at the Tribeca Festival,” said COO of OpenAI Brad Lightcap. “We're excited for their short films, and eager to learn how we can make Sora a better tool for all creatives.”

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