Old friendships die hard in the new trailer for director J.C. Chandor (Margin Call, All is Lost)'s Triple Frontier, a nervewracking drama starring Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac. The plot is intriguing, featuring a scenario in which five military buddies reunite for a job that requires less their services than their trained skills, and the tone (of the trailer, at the very least) appears both action-packed and as a representation of a more than competent thriller. 

What's interesting to note here is that Chandor's name is nowhere to be found throughout the trailer. The film is labeled "A Netflix Film," a title card usually reserved for a film's director at the helm. But no, Chandor is instead credited via "From the director of A Most Violent Year,"  along with a producer on the film who also goes unnamed; he's simply "From a producer of Wonder Woman and The Dark Knight trilogy."

Can a production/distribution company be an auteur (asked the other day of the lucrative Blumhouse)? Is Netflix an auteur? Is it a brand? Has it found a way to brand itself as an astute auteur?

Labeling the movie as "A Netflix Film" immediately promises one thing to audiences of the trailer: you will be able to stream this movie however you see fit and, if you're already a Netflix subscriber, there's no additional fee to do so. The trailer is as much about the film as it is about the viewer's available access to it. Is that more important than the names of the people (you know, the human beings) who actually made it? The jury is still out.

Triple Frontier opens in select theaters March 6th before being available to stream via Netflix on March 13th, 2019.

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