I don't know about you, but I have been trying to solve Laura Palmer's murder for like 30 years. 

Twin Peaks is one of those shows that gripped the American consciousness when it debuted. It became an obsession, one of the first water-cooler shows. While the original two seasons were lauded for their storytelling and originality. 

Now, an incredible deluxe Blu-ray is here for you to geek out on all again. There are 21-discs packed with content. That's pretty incredible. 

The Blu-ray features all three seasons plus the spin-off movie Fire Walk With Me. On top of that, you get the essential deleted-scene compilation called The Missing Pieces. The limited-edition arrives on December 10 and lucky for us, Entertainment Weekly got some behind the scenes info...

Return to Twin Peaks

It's interesting to see how this show has stood the test of time. The revival series, which aired a few years ago, was both alienating to casual viewers and a blast for hardcore fans. 

Seeing Lynch's mind still working within this world is always an enigmatic joy. 

We'll keep our eyes open for other materials. Hopefully, some of the BTS on these discs clear up my biggest Twin Peaks unanswered questions...