It was over a year ago when Vazen introduced its first anamorphic Micro Four Thirds lens into the market, a 40mm T2 1.8x. The company followed it up with a 28mm T2.2 1.8x, and now, they have introduced a third lens to the series, a 65mm T2 1.8x

The 65mm T2 1.8x follows a similar optical design to the other Micro Four Third lenses in the lineup, touting a signature blue but not overly saturated image characteristic, a horizontal flare, and widescreen cinematic look. 


How widescreen?

The 1.8x squeeze will produce a 2.39:1 aspect ratio when used with MFT sensors like the Pocket 4K cinema or Panasonic GH cameras.

Vazen says the lens is tack sharp even wide open, which is great for those wanting to shoot at its fast T2 aperture. The lens has standard 0.8 mod gears for both focus and aperture rings making it cine-friendly. Unfortunately, the rings across the series are not matching, so you'll need to adjust your setup when switching out a lens. Additionally, the 86mm filter thread and front diameter of the 65mm T2 1.8x doesn't match the 28mm or 40mm, so keep that in mind when implementing accessories. 

The manual focus lens has distance markings and T-stop values on the barrel, and it's fairly light, weighing 3.70lbs (1.68 kg). For those looking to get close to a subject, the minimum focusing distance is respectable at 3.6 feet (1.09m). 

Vazen has become somewhat of an anamorphic lens specialist, as they've also introduced their first full-frame anamorphic with the 85mm T2.8 1.8x. We expect them to continue to grow that full-frame lineup as well. 

Anamorphic lenses can create unique looks and are especially worth considering when shooting low-budget music videos. There are few affordable anamorphic lenses available for Micro Four Thirds, and with SLR Magic lenses having a 2x squeeze, Vazen has separated themselves from the competition. 

The 65mm T2 1.8x is priced at $3,250, and if you own a 28mm or 40mm already, Vazen will provide a substantial $400 discount.