Designed with broadcast studio settings in mind, Vinten has introduced two new robotic pan-and-tilt heads, the FH-155 and FHR-155, that can handle heavy payloads while still giving users plenty of maneuverability. 

The FH-155 and the FHR-155 are designed to be lightweight and near-silent options with a maximum payload capacity of 155 pounds, and a 3-port Ethernet switch built-in for robotic pedestal integration. The FH-155 has both a manual and robotic modes, while the FHR-155 only has robotic. A fully integrated StarTracker module option is also available to offer absolute-reference tracking system for floor-roaming pedestal combos.


Key Features

  • Max. payload: 70 kg (155 lb)
  • Tilt range: ±50°(payload dependent)
  • Pan range: 359°
  • Angular velocity (min): 0.05°/s
  • Angular velocity (max): 60°/s
  • Angular acceleration (typical): 60°/s2
  • Angular acceleration (peak): 120°/s2
  • Manual control: Yes

No word yet on the price for either the FH-155 or FHR-155, but shipping is set for May 2019. Head on over to Vinten's website to learn more.

Source: Vinten