Vitec is well known for its huge catalog of professional broadcast and photography brands. From Manfrotto to JOBY to Rycote, Vitec is the clearinghouse for getting both tools and toys for expanding your creative quiver. Now Vitec is growing again, acquiring photographic background company Savage International.

“Savage backgrounds complement Vitec’s existing portfolio of accessories for professional image creators,” said Marco Pezzana, Divisional CEO of Vitec Imaging Solutions. “This acquisition brings together the world’s leading supports and imaging accessories provider with the world’s leading backgrounds manufacturer, serving professional photographers, creators, and vloggers with the best in class studio equipment.”


Savage International is a photography background company, so they’re a prime provider for those paper backdrops that are used in photography portrait sessions, and greenscreen backgrounds. 

Founded in 1937, Savage is a family-run company based in Phoenix, Arizona.  Specializing in photography backgrounds, Savage manufactures its own paper and has created a process that utilizes 100% recycled paper products to be environmentally friendly.

In addition, Savage’s extensive range of seamless paper backgrounds is completely crease-free. Known for being quick and easy to set up, these backdrops promise to dramatically reduce setup and post-production time with the exact look a photographer is trying to get before the camera.


Now, sure, it can be argued that buying a photo background company isn’t really filmmaking news. And that would be a fair assessment.

But when you consider that this current generation of content creators make a living online and do just about everything with a one-man crew approach, having the tools to shoot stills of the cast, or being able to have a compelling background for vlogging, suddenly makes room in your tool case for gear that can manage this part of production, and do it with a high-quality background that is both seamless and wrinkle-less.

And with Vitec’s exclusive professional clientele that goes beyond the photographic space, you can bet that this acquisition is only the beginning. Those backgrounds will likely grow to include the broadcast media space as well.