As summer rolls around, I like to put on my shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, and sit outside to write. But the one thing that makes that impossible at times is the glare of the sun on my laptop screen. I absolutely love writing outside. Living in Los Angeles, I can always find a cafe or a spot to post up and do my best work. But the limit of my laptop has held me back. 

That's when No Film School's founder, Ryan Koo, introduced me to the VIVID App. We're not sponsored by them. They pay us nothing. But it's a really cool app that I thought you would want to know about. 

VIVID lets you use HDR mode on your Macbook Pro/PDXDR for SDR content. Even the new MacBook Pro doesn't get bright enough. VIVID enables HDR-level brightness even in non-HDR content. Which makes me able to write anywhere. 

So why doesn't everyone have this app? Or why is it not standard in Macs? 

There's a pretty big discussion going on where people are wondering if the app could cause display issues with heat. The company says it's safe to use. I've used it and haven't had any issues, but it's something you should know. Also, I only use it when I am writing outside. 

Anyway, check it out. If you're a user, we'd love to know more about how it's working for you. Happy writing!