The Sony Cinema Line is growing fast with new camera options and filmmaker-friendly features. The current series of cameras includes VENICE, the FX9, FX6, and FX3, all of which vary in functionality, form factor, and price. However, they all share similar Sony DNA.

Since its introduction, the Cinema Line aims to deliver the cinematic look of Sony's higher-end production cameras with the precision of its popular Alpha mirrorless series. Full-frame sensors, a wide dynamic range, autofocus, and Log recording are just some of the extensive options available in the lineup.

No Film School has teamed up with Sony to peel back the curtain on the Cinema Line and dive into the unique focus capabilities found on the cameras.

Starting April 5, we will publish an informative series of articles all week dubbed "Focus Week" to get you up to speed and in the know. The week of content has already kicked off today with the Sony "Focus Is Essential" Short Film Contest, where we will be giving away a Sony FX3. You can read about the contest here, and be sure to enter. It's easy.

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