Set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival later this month, Alex Lehmann's Paddleton looks appropriately cheerful and depressing.

Yes, it's about two neighbors, one of whom (Mark Duplass) is dying of terminal cancer, and yes, there's no way to reverse God's will in a scenario such as that, but the comical sparring between the two leads (which also includes Ray Romano) appears sincerely heartfelt. A buddy drama that develops into a road trip comedy, director Lehmann (of Blue Jay fame, also starring and co-written by Duplass),Paddleton (named after the competitive game) could be a festival crowdpleaser.

It could also find a large audience thanks to Netflix, its distributor. Netflix already has the horror comedy, Velvet Buzzsaw, set to debut at Sundance before arriving on the streaming service February 1st, and, tonally on the opposite end of the spectrum, Paddleton could serve as successful counterprogramming for the "red envelope" company, debuting later in the month on February 22nd. 

Check out the trailer below.

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