He is known for his work on films such as Focus and Nacho Libre, and TV shows likeWatchmen and WeCrashed. Xavier is also the cinematographer for the second season of the Emmy award-winning show, The White Lotus, which is available for streaming on Max.

In this episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins and cinematographer Xavier Grobet discuss:

  • Growing up surrounded by photography 

  • Different opportunities Grobet had when attending film school in Mexico City

  • Starting his film career as a camera assistant

  • Meeting director-producer Mike White on the set of Nacho Libre

  • All the elements that make a fun and great working environment

  • Creative differences between film and TV shows

  • Controlling the look of the show

  • How the gaffer and board operator hacked into the hotel server where they shot The White Lotus

  • How to pull off cross-shooting 

  • Sharing inspiring stories of others in the film industry who never gave up

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