Wireless Lens Control Leaps Forward With Teradek's Reveal

Wireless Lens Control Leaps Forward with Teradek's Reveal
Teradek debuts two new devices and an iOS app in their much-anticipated next-generation of wireless lens control.

Two new devices and an iOS app have been announced by Teradek, including the CTRL.3, a three-axis controller and the MDR.X, a compact three-axis smart receiver. Integrated Bluetooth adds additional connectivity between the two. Check out the promo video to get a better idea of what these new tools have to offer:

The CTRL.3 controller offers precision lens mapping, allowing users to store and recall lens maps and display the information in real-time on SmallHD monitors. This is an exclusive integration for Teradek RT and is available on all of the latest SmallHD monitors running OS3.

MDR.X is a fully-featured yet remarkably small and lightweight, camera-agnostic 3-channel receiver featuring integrated Bluetooth and a built-in OLED display. The MDR.X allows for quick configuration and real-time status updates. 

From VP Products Greg Smokler:

We’ve built a totally new lens control platform from the ground up. These new tools are truly cutting-edge — but what really sets them apart are their unique integrations: the SmallHD video overlays, camera control with RED, and a versatile iOS app.

Teradek RT MDR.X
Teradek RT CRTL.3
Teradek Lens control 2

Both are compatible with previous generation Latitude and MK3.1 RT products and Teradek is offering an Upgrade Program for owners of all current generation RT products. 

The Teradek RT CTRL.3 retaisl for $3500 and the MDR.X retails for $1500. Both begin shipping in May 2019.

For more info, head on over to Teradek    

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