There is no denying that AI is quickly becoming an essential filmmaking tool. From assisting in script writing to helping editors in the edit bay, artificial intelligence in film and TV is here to stay.

Whether that makes you sweat bullets or leap with joy, there is still a learning curve that needs to be overcome for many of us. That is why Wondershare Filmora, the leading software provider in the video production industry, is excited to announce the latest edition of its quarterly publication, the Wondershare Visual Trendbook, designed specifically to help filmmakers like you during this transition. 

This comprehensive guide is an essential source of inspiration for any creative professional looking to enhance their video editing skills. With each issue, filmmakers gain access to a variety of creative elements, including effects packs, filters, and transitions, to make their video projects stand out.

A man plays guitar infront of a portal to promot Wondershare's Visual TrendbookWondershare's Visual Trendbook x Mixed DimensionCredit: Wondershare

This edition of the Trendbook explores Mixed Dimensions, inspired by the trends of AI in creative fields. The latest effect packs available to download from Filmstock and the latest version of Filmora provide filmmakers with the tools to easily create videos with digital effects, resulting in a more dynamic and versatile video editing experience.

As ChatGPT becomes an essential filmmaking tool, Filmora has integrated ChatGPT as a plug-in that generates relevant text for video scripts, captions, and descriptions to help make your videos more accessible to a larger audience. Business owners, creators, influencers, or professional videographers can use Filmora with ChatGPT to enhance their storytelling without ever leaving the editing software.

"Our user study indicates an increased demand by users who want to easily create videos with digital effects," said Shearer Wang, Head of Product Marketing at Wondershare, in a recent press release. "To fulfill the increased demand for digital mixed media integration, Wondershare has developed new effect packs to download from Filmstock and use in Filmora's latest version. This could result in a more dynamic and versatile video editing experience for users, allowing for more creative and engaging content to be produced."

To celebrate the launch of the Visual Trendbook, Wondershare Filmora is hosting a creative challenge, #CreatewithWondershare, with a free perk for participants. This challenge provides creators with a platform to showcase their skills and creativity to the world through video. Find out how you can enter this challenge and win big below!

Win Big by Creating with Wondershare Filmora and Filmstock 

Wondershare Filmora invites all creatives like you to unleash their imagination and explore this year’s theme of Mixed Dimensions with the #CreatewithWondershare challenge. In under one minute, Wondershare Filmora challenges you to create a video that blends live-action with digital elements to create a showstopping video. The two winners of this challenge will receive $1,000 in prizes each for their outstanding work and engaging short videos. 

This challenge is not just about creating amazing videos, but also about using the right tools to make them stand out. That's why Wondershare Filmora encourages participants to use Wondershare's products like Filmora for video editing and Filmstock for applying effects for free for a limited time. 

Image1_5ChatGPT and FilmoraCredit: Wondershare Filmora

With this limited free offer, creatives can use Filmstock effect packs to make their videos more engaging and immersive. You'll have access to our newly released Superhero and Brahmastra packs, which give you the ability to add fireballs and flame effects with just a few clicks.

Don't worry if those effect packs don't spark your interest. Other effect packs such as Sport, Dance, Race Car, and more are available for you to use.

To participate in the contest, share your video on social media with the hashtag #CreatewithWondershare and tag @Wondershare. The challenge is open from February 22 to April 20, 2023, so there's plenty of time to bring your creative vision to life.

Whether you're a professional or an aspiring filmmaker, you can download Filmora and access the free effects from Filmstock by visiting Wondershare Filmora’s website. For more inspiration and tips on how to create the best videos, check out theirInstagram page.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your video editing skills to the next level with Wondershare Filmora's latest edition of the Visual Trendbook and enter their challenge to win big. 

We can't wait to see what you'll create!

Source: Wondershare