While Black History Month ended in February, creatives still have a responsibility to support and highlight Black creatives that often don’t get a spotlight in Hollywood. The short amount of time in February isn’t enough to recognize and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of Black creatives and promote diversity and representation in the film industry.

This is why the world-renowned software company Wondershare Filmora is ready to continue the celebration by highlighting Black creators in its latest “Share the Spotlight” campaign. This campaign aims to highlight the multiples of talent from Black creators while raising funds for the creative community. 

"Black History Month provides Wondershare Filmora an important opportunity to reflect, act, and raise funds for the Black creative community," said Shearer Wang, the head of Product Marketing at Wondershare Filmora.

Wang continues, saying, "For years, we have aimed toward a more equitable future for the Wondershare Filmora community. We are thrilled to see the continued contributions of Black creators in our community. While Black History Month is over, this campaign empowers video creators to continue to shine a spotlight on Black creatives to highlight their talents to the world and raise funding for future generations.”

What exactly is the “Share the Spotlight” campaign, and how can you enter it? Let’s get into it.

What is the “Share the Spotlight” Campaign? 

As a market leader in creative and productivity products, Wondershare Filmora is committed to empowering creators to pursue their passions and bring their creative visions to life. That's why the software company is excited to invite fellow filmmakers like you to participate in its new campaign, designed to celebrate the diverse and vibrant Black communities around the world.

With this campaign, Wondershare Filmora encourages creators to make short videos featuring Black creatives from all walks of life–from local community members to artists, designers, and filmmakers. This is your chance to shine a spotlight on the people and stories that inspire you creatively, while also contributing to the promotion of Black representation in media.

Representation matters, and that's why Wondershare Filmora is taking a necessary step forward to empower creators to work within these communities. Through the Wondershare Black Creator Fund, the software company is dedicated to supporting Black creators and promoting their work in the film industry.

Join Wondershare Filmora in this exciting campaign to showcase the richness and diversity of Black communities and the talented filmmakers who capture them on screen. Let's work together to create more inclusive and representative media that truly reflects the world we live in.

How to Enter the “Share the Spotlight” Campaign

Wondershare Filmora is thrilled to announce the launch of its "Share the Spotlight" campaign, which gives creatives like you the opportunity to showcase Black talent in a 1-3 minute video.

As a filmmaker, you know that having the right tools is essential to bringing your vision to life. That's why Wondershare Filmora is excited to offer you a variety of downloadable effects packs from Wondershare Filmora to enhance your video. From broadcast effects to stage-light effects to interview effects and more, these packs will not only help you create the best video possible, but they will also inspire you to elevate your production.

Creators will also be able to flex their creativity even more by using Filmora's latest plug-in, ChatGPT. This plug-in generates relevant text for video scripts, captions, and descriptions that makes filmmaker's videos more accessible to a larger and more diverse audience. Everything you need from special effects to the latest AI tool used by everyone in the film industry is all in Filmora's software, making it the perfect place for filmmakers to edit.

Image1_5_0ChatGPT and FilmoraCredit: Wondershare Filmora

And the best part? Wondershare Filmora is offering creators a special deal that you won't want to miss out on! Wondershare Filmora 12 typically starts at $49.99 per year, but you can try the latest version of our incredible software for free by visiting the link to its website.

Once your video is ready to be shared, be sure to use the tag @wondershare and the hashtag #ShareTheSpotlight on social media. For each video shared with these tags, Wondershare Filmora will add $50 to its Black Creator Fund that helps support the Black creative community. You'll also have the chance to work with the worldwide leading software company as an ambassador.

What are you waiting for? Let's work together to celebrate Black talent and empower creators like you to make a positive impact on the world of filmmaking. 

Source: Wondershare