Just this month, the RED Komodo-X Stormtrooper edition was released. The X versions of the Komodo series offered a bit more production oomph but kept the tool affordable enough for budget filmmakers and owner-operators. 

But now, the "real" camera is about to hit the market. The all-black RED Komodo-X is officially available for pre-order. If you’d like to read up on all the updates and specs for the new camera, check out the comparison article

Stormtrooper vs. All Black

For those not already in the know, what’s the difference between the initial Stormtrooper release and the final all-black version?

Absolutely nothing, besides a different coat of paint. The white Komodo-X is just a special limited edition release to hype the camera up and get it into the hands of filmmakers who want it the most. 

The approach has been so popular even Aputure wanted a piece of the action

RED Komodo-XThe rear I/O and battery plate is all different too.Credit: RED

The Performance Filmmakers Need?

One of the standout features of the RED Komodo-X, much like the original Komodo, is its compact design. It’s no taller or wider than the original release and just a few centimeters longer. 

RED Komodo vs Komodo-XKomodo vs Komodo-X size comparisonCredit: RED

With dimensions of just 4 x 4 x 4.5 inches and weighing in at only 2 pounds, the Komodo-X takes the stunt-camera/C-camera philosophy and makes it into a production workhorse.

We can wax poetic about the specs, utility, and workflow until the sun comes up. So here’s a quick video from CVP that gives us a great breakdown of the RED Komodo-X.

Is This Camera For You?

During the DSMC2 days, everyone wanted to own a RED. It was, at times, a status symbol and, at others, a validation of your hard work and artistic vision. But those cameras were always super expensive. Even the cheapest RED Raven still cost around $15,000. 

I’m a big proponent of affordability. While I understand how and why a tool can be priced as much as a luxury car, there is a world where high quality and affordability can live together. 


  • 19.9MP Super35 Global Shutter CMOS
  • Compact DSMC3 Design
  • Locking Canon RF Lens Mount
  • Up to 6K80p & 4K120p Video
  • 12G-SDI, USB-C, 5-Pin Audio Ports
  • 6K Streaming via RED Connect License
  • Wireless Control, File Offload via Wi-Fi
  • Integrated 2.4" Touchscreen
Body Only

With the Komodo and Komodo-X, RED has finally embraced that mindset, and I think there’s a reason why I see so many more owner-operators out in the field. More people can now own a RED, which means more creatives are able to utilize those professional tools we all dream about. While the Komodos aren't the cheapest tools on the market, they are on par, and sometimes cheaper, than other alternatives. This means the RED tax isn't a thing anymore. 

But what do you think? Have you already pre-ordered the Komodo-X? Let us know in the comments!

Source: RED