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Career, or lack thereof

06.26.05 @ 10:05PM Tags

This is how the story begins: as of this writing, I am currently unemployed and living in North Carolina with my parents. An auspicious beginning.

I recently left a corporate video job that was sucking away my soul and dreams and turning me into a dry husk of a human being. After traveling for a couple of months and enjoying life, I am now back home pondering the idea of getting a job. My plan was to move to New York, where I had lined up a place to stay for free–but that place fell through and now I basically have to find a job in the city before I can move.

You’ve just witnessed hitch #1 of 2,478,966. More to come.

Why New York and not Los Angeles? Well, once upon a time I worked as an esteemed Production Assistant in Hollywood on one of the worst movies of all time. It actually had very little to do with the movie itself, but I did learn while I was there that I’m not a fan of LA. Because I’m twenty-four and still impressionable, I’d much rather be influenced by a city that inspires me than a city that makes me lose faith in humanity.

So here goes… Right now all I have is a camera and some editing equipment. I have absolutely no connections within the film industry. I’m just a southern boy heading to the bright lights and the big city. Where will this train take us? Could be nowhere… Or, if all else fails, film school. Or…?


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