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Hollywood now plundering Twitter for ideas

05.24.10 @ 11:58AM Tags : ,

@shitmydadsays is the Twitter account of Justin Halpern, a (formerly) unemployed 29 year-old living with his foulmouthed 74 year-old dad. From the Twitter handle, you can probably guess what Justin tweets: the expletive-laced sayings of his father. Soon, the 30-minute sitcom version of these 140-character sayings, titled “Sh*t My Dad Says,” will be coming to CBS as a sitcom. This is the first time a Twitter account has been acquired for adaptation, although Fox did pick up @TFLN in September – but TFLN, better known as “Texts from Last Night,” was a web site before it was a Twitter account. Video of the new show (which stars none other than William Shatner as the titular dad) after the jump:

Anyone looking forward to watching this?

[via Mashable]


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